Tuesday, March 8, 2011

How Much Beer Should You Buy?

How much beer should be given in payment to your friend for loaning you climbing equipment? Here’s a handy guide. I like these:

“2 beers:

  • Friend/climbing partner picked you up and drove to the trailhead while you slept in the passenger seat
  • Friend/climbing partner picked you up and had donuts and/or coffee for you; you did not sleep in the passenger seat on the way to the trailhead
  • Climbing partner led the hard pitch, or pitches
  • You borrowed a pair of skis or snowboard
  • You are very late getting home from hiking/climbing; friend/climbing partner calls your spouse and explains that it was his/her fault you are late
  • Friend/climbing partner cooked dinner on overnight trip; it was better than you can cook at home”

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