Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Arcola Ice Report

Aaron and I headed out for an icy adventure Tuesday. We headed north of Stillwater to a super secret location. Last time I climbed there I was blindfolded on the approach but I managed to find it anyway. We set a top roped and rapped down, giving a chance to inspect the super chill icicle.
We had each climbed it once when Aaron whipped out a set of brand new ice screws. He accomplished his first lead with no problem. My observation was, good placement takes some time. It would take a long time to climb a mountain. Good thing we don't have any here.
Since a women's work is never done, of course I cleaned up after the man. I was really impressed with the design and ease of operation with the black diamond screws, very clever. It's like someone spend a long time thinking about it.
Aaron walked down to check out the bolts on the old bridge pilings. I could tell he wanted to climb it but that is for another day. Perhaps I'll belay form my kayak. It was a nice day, warm temperatures and a few peeks of sun.


richard said...

Thanks for the report. Look forward to your belaying from a kayak report.

Lisa said...

I better strap myself in. I could do some flying!

Lisa said...

Oh I forgot to mention, we saw 2 mosquitoes. Really.