Monday, February 15, 2010

Sightseeing Is Inherently Dangerous

I’m painting the inside of our house so I keep finding photos that have been tucked away for years. Like this one of me in the emergency room of the Moab, Utah hospital.


I was biking the Porcupine Rim Trail with some friends and was going super fast trying to catch up with them. (Men are so competitive – especially the ones that are beating me.)

I looked up to view the scenery and then woke up a few minutes later. There was some concern among the others that after I woke up, I couldn’t remember things. (Hey, no big deal. I am always forgetting things, even today.) So I got on the bike and rode the rest of the approx. 17 miles to the hospital. The last few miles of this trail are shown in the video below. So the lesson is, don’t sightsee on a bike unless you have a belay.

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