Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Never Even Thought Of It

I saw this photo of George Mallory – lost on Everest in 1924 – and his friends hiking in the nude. Apparently he started a fad; nude mountain climbing is such a fad, that the Nepal government wants to outlaw it on Mt Everest. Here’s a case in Germany of

“Ten German nudists may have to give up their hobby of naked mountain climbing after one of the men was arrested for indecent exposure.”

Here’s a recent article about climbing in New Zealand.

A naked male attempting to climb Mt Taranaki has staggered experienced mountain guides.

Veteran guide Ian McAlpine yesterday pleaded with climbers to show some common sense.

He said he was very concerned with the lack of protective warm clothing and equipment among people trying to reach the summit.”

I know lots of mountain climbers want to be buff before they climb, but I always thought that meant something else.


Lisa said...

Gosh, you would need another Sherpa just to carry your sunscreen!

Anonymous said...

Um... ouch.