Monday, February 22, 2010

Looks like Daryl went too.

Looks like all the cool kids are going to Potrero Chico. Daryl from Sylvan Rocks posted this repost on his website.

Potrero Chico Climbing - its as great as 'they' say it is.

Daryl Stisser - Thursday, February 18, 2010
So you think that routes such as the 23 pitch classic called Time Wave Zero that is made up of seemingly endless bolted limestone climbing sounds like a fun diversion to an otherwise gloomy winter? Well you are right. Load up the car, find a bus, book the plane...head down to Potrero Chico in Mexico for some fun climbing. Although it was not nearly as warm as we had hoped. It was actually great weather for climbing the long routes without carrying huge amounts of water. Over the course of the 11 days we were there, we took 2 rest days, ate nearly 50 eggs and countless avocados, enjoyed a few Caguama (big beers), meet some cool people, and climbed thousands and thousands of vertical feet of limestone.
click here for more. be sure to look at the photos

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