Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mokis and Me

 MOQUI STEPS by Ama Laura.A few years ago, I spent 3 weeks around Moab, Utah building trails and hiking. A local told me about a Moki trail just outside of town and I went looking for it. The first set of Moki steps  I found were on a shallow angle slab, like the photo at left. These steps led up to a flat, dry creek bed, which I followed for a few yards to another cliff.


There were more steps leading higher. I climbed those and reached another plateau that led to an even steeper cliff.



Scan10003.BMPThis cliff had a big, dead tree leaning against it. But no more Moki steps. Dead end, darn. But I noticed it was possible to climb up the tree – at least partway - using the dead branches. So I did. After 10 feet of tree climbing, there were no more holds on the tree. That was it; I’d have to go down. I reached out onto the cliff face, and voila, more Moki steps. I climbed up to another plateau. And walked up the dry wash to the steepest cliff yet. I went up a few feet but then got too nervous to continue. There were more steps above me and more plateaus to walk. It’s still waiting there for you to find.







Ben said...

im heading there in three weeks. i am totally looking for these "moki steps"

richard said...

Ben, are you biking, climbing or what in Moab? It's a great place whatever you do.

Ben said...

im mountain biking, rock climbing, and hiking. maybe some canyoneering. im leading the college spring break trip.