Thursday, February 18, 2010

News Flash from Homer's Odessey

Richard broke in his new Black Diamond ice climbing tools today at Homers. He was sassy, he went strapless. Lap after lap he raced up the Mocha Tapioca routes, there were mud and rocks flying every where. It made me gritty. :) We diligently followed Will Gadd's ice tips.We....
  • kept our feet level
  • staggered our ice axe pokes
  • moved feet up twice as much as hands.
  • pushed with the hips!
  • we looked Looked! LOOKED at the ice
  • did a lot of grunting and yelling (that is KEY)
Will learned all this stuff from Johnny Mac, so of course he did fine. I still can't figure out why the mud didn't stick to his face....

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