Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Troublemakers In Vegas

Upon arrival in Vegas. we took a chance at the slots. The 4 of us only lost $3.95 out of $4.00. Here’s proof. At least our money lasted 45 seconds.


Then we got in trouble. Did you know you were supposed to wait in line at the airport? We didn’t. Why would you? You spot an opening to get yourself to the front of the line, and you go. That’s called smart.

It’s also called “trouble.” We were busted by the shuttle-bus-line-monitor and humiliated. And told to wait while the other 4 people boarded the bus in front of us.  (Who, if I may chime in, were not smart enough to find a faster route through the stupid maze they had set up on purpose to slow us down. Come on people, chop, chop puddin’ pop. Let’s go. Time’s awasting. Don’t walk all the way through the stupid crowd control barriers when you can go right to the front.)

Then, we got on the bus. Did you know that you have to sit on the bus? Did you know you cannot stand on the bus? Who knew? Well, another 2 minutes and 45 seconds wasted while we were told to sit our butts down. Before they could move, we had to be seated. Who knew?

We finally escaped the airport and got on the highway to  Bryce Canyon. But first, we stopped at the Virgin River Gorge. Site of some of the hardest rock climbs EVER in the US. So we went swimming. (Sitting in the river would be more accurate.) River sitting is inherently dangerous because you might get struck with a floating cow pie. Hey it was 99 degrees.


So now we are near Bryce Canyon with views like this:


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