Monday, September 21, 2009

Mr and Mrs Mackin go Out West

A delighted Pat Mackin was at VE today regaling us with tales of a 3 week climbing trip with his wife. He said, they climbed everything. You can ask him about it, if you have time, or you can read about it in installments in the VE Newsletter, or I will steal them and put them here.

Mo’ Beta Says...Check this out!! Sinks Canyon, Wyoming. 6 miles from Lander, Wyoming (a town located at the Southeastern end of the Wind River Range) is the bomb! As you drive up the canyon, you pass a sandstone climbing area with many bolted sport climbs. Two miles further is the main sport area of world class dolomite sport routes. The campground is located just across the highway and is within walking distance to the crag. At the upper end of the canyon is a granite climbing area with a mix of trad and sport climbs. Three types of rock in one contained area...SO COOL!! The canyon also holds the Popo Agie (pronounced po po ah gie) with excellent trout fishing. The canyon is called sinks because at a bend in the river the whole thing drops into a hole and reappears about a mile and a half further downstream.

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