Friday, September 4, 2009


“Relentless” is the name of one of the climbs we did today at Red Wing. What a perfect name for that climb. I had never done it until yesterday. Then we Ron & I did it on Thursday and Rackie, Ron & I did it again today. We set it up as a top rope which requires one leader, two ropes, three Sherpas and four teenagers. Man it’s tough to set up. But it is a fun climb. Liebacks, jams, back steps, two steps, blue steps and moo steps. Plus arm backs and pull throughs and step-arounds, and three part harmonies. (You gotta throw everything at it.)

We did some other climbs I’d never been on, but I can’t really recommend them. None of the holds were marked so I had to find them all by myself. (Boo hoo hoo.)

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Lisa said...

What fun, A NEW thing!