Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Red Wing On Tuesday

We did a bunch of climbing and then had our 1st annual Fun With Rocks picnic at the park in Red Wing next to the Mississippi.


Then we visited our favorite Climbing Farmer at his farm near Miesville.



Lisa wore her souvenir shirt from South Dakota (it says “Outlaw from Heck” right on it) while she did some chores.








And Aaron and I pulled Lisa around in John’s horse-drawn plow. We also saw his “pink pounder” (a pink-painted drop hammer), his forge, his new winter tent stove and other stuff I don’t want to tell you about.


Lisa said...

Dang! I didn't realize I was so short! No wonder I am having trouble with Jump Start

wed wing won said...

i didn't know johnny mac had acquired 2 new draft horses.