Friday, December 16, 2011

Diving In Cozumel

Just got back from about a week of diving in Cozumel. Water temperature about 79 degrees and air about 85. SCUBA diving is the perfect outdoor activity for the obese and out of shape and that’s why I like it. You drift  around for awhile looking at stuff, then you float to the surface. Once you get to the boat, you start eating and drinking beer so you can re-fill your own personal flotation system. Then, the next day, you do it all over. (And the fatter you are, the safer you are; if you get in trouble underwater, you’ll bob to the surface. Don’t know if that’s true of other outdoor activities. )

We did a lot of onshore activities too – like eating and drinking and sleeping. Oh, yeah, I almost forgot, we rode around in taxis.

But we did see some cool rocks – like these blow holes:


There were fish galore. My favorite was a shark that was sleeping and draped, totally motionless, over a piece of coral. Kinda like this.






One of the dives we did was called “Devil’s Throat.” The first two minutes of this video show why this is a fun dive.

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