Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Report From Reno’s New Climbing Wall

Alex Johnson was in Reno at the grand opening of the tallest climbing wall in the world. Her full report is here.

“The first pitch starts on the second floor balcony. It's seventy feet long. In addition to beginning thirty feet of the deck, which in this case is Main Street, you already hit 100 feet in height when you pull over the ledge to begin the second pitch, which is an additional 94 feet, totaling 194 feet in height. Because the wall is out on the side of a building, there's no padded floor beneath you. It's also quite unlike rock climbing, where you can see trees, bushes or at least dirt. When you look down between your feet you see pavement. It was honestly quite a scary experience, and felt extremely exposed.”

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Elizabeth said...

That looks awesome. And scary. And strange. And fun. And awesome. And scary.