Friday, October 7, 2011

Pete & Fabrice – Read This

Maybe this is only for Pete, Fabrice and me, but I loved this story of 3 friends with only three years of climbing experience, who completed a climb of the Nose on El Cap just recently. They have a gear list, a pitch-by-pitch description and lots of photos. (Including a photo of all the bottles of urine they carried out with them. Icky!) I like this quote:

Three years ago, I entered Yosemite Valley on a backpacking trip with friends, spotted El

The route

Capitan and knew that someday I wanted to climb The Nose. I by no means considered myself a climber. I had pulled on plastic and clipped a couple bolts but I had no experience with traditional climbing and no knowledge of aid climbing. All I had was a set of quickdraws, a harness and some motivation….We had a gut feeling that we would be drawn to climbing big walls and that all we needed to do was buy the gear; so we shelled out the cash and equipped ourselves to aid climb.”

Of course, living in California, gave them a huge advantage over us prairie folk.

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