Monday, October 31, 2011

Hold Onto The Rope

A “Chicks with Picks” post about trad leading in NC with a new partner. They forgot to secure the rope at one of the rappel stations and dropped both ends. Not a big deal, since it is so busy where they were climbing. I liked this quote and had the exact same experience at Red Rocks when I climber there last week. When I recover from my trauma of leading at Red Rocks, I will write about my experience out there with leading.

“I looked down and left at my last piece of gear, and assessed the fall potential.  If I took a fall, I would swing about 10 ft down and left to below my last piece – not pretty.  I could feel

that process starting in my mind where you start panicking, and I told myself to pull it together.  I managed to step back down and left back to my stance.”

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