Friday, July 16, 2010

Red Wing Friday

IMG_0291As you can see from the photo, Buddy the dog had more sense than we did – he stayed in the shade.

Fabrice, Peter and I climbed a lot of hot routes. Then we watched The Warden and Mike climb – they were super hot.

Ron showed up for a rare cameo appearance and we heard more about his Black Hills climbing trip. All photos here.

The video below is of The Warden climbing “Paradigm Shift..”  (Normally, a 5.13. In the sun, a 5.18D) What a guy!


Couple of things I re-learned today:

    • Before and after the crux, the climbing is not so hard. (Why is that?)
    • On a hot day, the bugs stay in the shade.
    • When you’re drenched in sweat, even your feet slip around in your shoes making it harder to smear.
    • Drinking beer when you’re dehydrated is highly efficacious.

 IMG_0252  IMG_0285 



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