Friday, July 9, 2010

“It’d Be Better To Stay On The Ground”

From a purely rational point of view. it’d be better to stay on the ground.”

Hard to argue with that statement from one of the Huber brothers as they attempted their record-setting climb of El Cap in 2.5 hours in July of 2008. This trailer is from their movie “To the Limit.” (They ended up climbing it in 2 hours 43 minutes. That time was beaten in October 2008 by about 6 minutes.)

If we did speed climbing here in Minnesota, it’d kinda take the fun out of climbing. I calculated that to climb “Looking for Lust” (probably the tallest climb at Red Wing) at the speed these guys climbed El Cap, would take about 3 minutes. (They climbed 3000 feet in 163 minutes.)

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