Friday, July 9, 2010

I’m Sure This Will Ruin The Mountain

I bet putting a few hundred bolts in a rock that is hundreds of feet in the air will just ruin this mountain. Especially a mountain in British Columbia - ‘cause there are so few of them up there.

I always think it’s such a shame to let people into the mountains. Because they will ruin them. Unless it’s me. And a few of my carefully chosen friends. Because we won’t ruin the mountains. Really, we won’t. Because we are real rock climbers. Not tourists. 


wed wing won said...

there is nothing worse then someone who ruins it for everyone...And there is nothing better than being the person that ruins it for everyone.

richard said...

That's perfect Ron. I hate it when I get someplace ruined by you. I love it when I get there before you so I can ruin it myself.