Thursday, November 22, 2012

Stuffed On Stuffing

OK, I'm sure it's too late to give you a recipe for stuffing - oh wait - Christmas is coming up. I volunteered to make stuffing for the fam this year because:
  • I love stuffing. Who doesn't?
  • I knew it would be easy peasy lemon squeezy.
I knew it would be EZ PZ because I had a secret recipe in my pocket. And the only hard part of gathering the ingredients was going to a White Castle restaurant. I needed about 20 sliders. They told me at White Castle I could get a discount if I got a "Crave Case" of 30 sliders. 

Who doesn't love a discount? And who couldn't eat an extra 10 sliders? So I got this very nice collector attaché case that I can use for carrying my laptop, my climbing shoes, or sell on ebay for a lot of money. Or carry my extra 10 sliders to the gym for a great snack. 

Here are most of the boxes I used to make my secret stuffing (Shhhh!) recipe. Hmmm, hmmm good. 

I know the Pilgrims never would have left England or Holland if they had White Castles nearby. (Oops, they did have a White Castle nearby; it didn't serve food though.)

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