Sunday, November 4, 2012

Climbing Kitty Litter On The Ogre

A report on a recent new route on the 7,000 meter Ogre in Pakistan. The photo is of the "kitty litter" pitch at 6,3000 meters. I liked this quote:

"Hayden's feet skated, sending off showers of kitty litter that fell for thousands of feet to the glacier below. Sometimes he'd rip off microwave-sized blocks that would bounce near his waist and explode into pieces before even making it off the traverse ledge."
Here is a story of climbing the Ogre in 1977 and a mountaineer who broke both legs and had to crawl out to base camp over the course of 7 days.

"So I got on my knees, with my lower legs stuck out behind, and kneed across the ledge with no trouble at all....And that’s how it was done over the next seven days, with a little help from my friends —Chris, Clive and Mo."

After he got to base camp, he was carried out by 8 porters for three days and finally helicoptered to a hospital.

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