Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Living In A Cave

Here’s one way to get close to your roots (or at least close to tree roots) - live in a cave. If 30 million people do it, it can’t be all bad. It is energy efficient, I guess, especially since the only heat source is a fire. I liked this quote about their sewage “treatment” system:

cave it was hooked up to the national grid some time ago, but there’s still no running water or sewage system, meaning locals are as reliant as ever on the raging muddy waters of the nearby Yellow River.”

I wonder what the color of the Yellow River was before they used it for sewage.

And I liked this quote. Who doesn’t want to be told they’re burning hot in bed?

Inside, their owners sleep on large stone beds, known as kang; cool in the summer, but with cavities underneath so that fires can be lit inside them during the winter months.”

<br />	Teacher Luo Huazhi prepares his evening meal in a thatched bamboo shack in a cave called Zhongdong, or ‘Middle Cave,’ near Ziyun in China’s southern Guizhou province. People of the Miao ethnic minority have lived in the 230-meter-long cave for more than 150 years. (AP Photo/Greg Baker)<br />

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