Saturday, February 18, 2012

Who’s Climbing In The Black Hills With Me?

Yesterday, Lisa got me thinking about a climbing trip to the Black Hills this spring. (I know, we still have to finish our climbing trip to Red Rocks. But a guy – and a gal – have to think ahead.)

On the left, is my all-time favorite climb – Sandberg Peak. One year, we had 3 people on the summit. Maybe 4 this year? (Assuming it hasn’t toppled over.)

We have gone climbing in the “Hills” every year for the past 4 years. Sometimes more than once. Because the Black Hills have great climbing (trad, sport, bouldering), are fairly close (9 hours by car’; 7.5 hours if you ride with Aaron in his BMW) and are beautiful.

OK, an admission on my part: my tendency is to go too early in the year. Like last year, when we went in May. And it was chilly and rainy. It’s only because I am always so excited to get out there that I push the season. (So sue me!) Maybe early June is the earliest target for fairly predictable weather. Yeah, but April and May can have good weather. (OK, you got me again. April is way too early.)

So who’s in? Lisa? Pete? Aaron? Ron? Amy? Liz? Jen? (Jen, where the heck have you been?) Killer? Marianna? Eric? The Natster? Dawson? Fabrice? (I know you’re moving your business, so you can’t) When do we go?

The last few times we’ve gone, we’ve rented those camper cabins which are very nice on a cold, rainy night. But camping is free. (The only problem with camping is the access to great climbing. You have to walk about 100-200 yards to get to the climbs. Why do they put those rocks so far away?)

Last year, because of Reverend Scott, we found out about a whole new area – to us – near Custer with the possibility of lots of first ascents.

Oops, sorry guys. Just talking about that area means I have to leave tonite. Too bad you couldn’t come with me. I will be climbing there by Sunday noon.

But, while I am gone, you can watch this never-before-seen video of me climbing partway up Sandberg Peak. Ron and Aaron shot this under poor lighting conditions. Two quotes in this video struck me as funny. Ron & Aaron are telling me to place a sling around a horn. Of course, I won’t listen to them – never have, never will. Then Aaron says (I think) “Slings are for babies.” I think that’s my new motto. (In fact, in the Black Hills, placing pro is for babies.) I climb a little farther up and Aaron says, “You are ground fall right now.” I say, “Yep, thank you.” (What else could I say?) What a fun route. I did not know it made so many others nervous.

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Aaron said...

Hey Richard, I'm certainly up for another trip to the Hills with you. Lets keep an eyeball on the weather out there, maybe La Nina will let us go out a bit earlier this year.