Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Climbing Helmcken Falls

This is the area that Will Gadd discovered last year. A recent trip report on the effort involved to climb this icicle-encrusted cave. I liked this quote:

Hanging from my bolt I could tap a coffee table piece of ice and watch it plummet to the ground with ease.  Strangely satisfying! Ok, finding bolts with a metal detector on a horizontal roof covered with big icicles is no easy task.  I nearly gave up after much ab

ice cave 500x375 Helmcken Falls

torching hovering, but the heckling of my buddies had me persist.  “Just swing your tool in the ice and hang on it so you can reach further with the metal detector”.  What???  But this is exactly what it took…and after I found my first bolt, I was hooked…atleast till the end of that day!”

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