Monday, May 16, 2011

Fun Vs “Fun”

Today I realized climbing can be “fun” but not really fun. Pete & I climbed at Red Wing and tried some new, hard – for us – climbs. When I do climbs I know and that come easy for me, then climbing is fun. Today was not fun. My finger tips are sore, my hands are sore, my forearms and elbows too. Like this climb, which starts out with a one finger pocket on which you need to PLB (pull like a bastard) with one hand while pushing against a blank wall with the other hand. This allows you to barely stand up on a tiny foot smear and reach up for your choice of two different holds. One is a carpet tack strip and the other is a syringe. (Not really, but that’s what they felt like to me. So I let go.)  Boy, how fun is that?

When I got home, I finally found something to do that was fun; watch the video and you’ll see. I hate nature in person – too much work. Nature in a game = fun. 

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