Sunday, May 29, 2011

Black Hills May 2011

Ron, Pete, Greg and I got back from the Black Hills on Saturday. We climbed with Scott for a couple of days and saw some new areas – for us – like Calamity Ridge near Custer.

Some things I learned this trip:

  • When you go climbing with peeps half your age, you get tired. (Of course, I can’t go climbing with people twice my age; they are all DTADN; Deader Than A Door Nail)
  • 140 feet of climbing with 2-3 pieces of pro, seems like a long way up there
  • When it’s late May, it’s still cold in the Black Hills
  • There will be no more trees in the Black Hills in a couple of years
  • They have way too many rocks out there; they should ship some over to MN. They wouldn’t even miss a couple of 100’ pinnacles. And we sorely need them.

Some of my favorite photos of the group:





Photos here of bouldering from the car, here of Spire 2, here of Spire 3, here of Calamity Ridge.

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