Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Climbing Denali

This is the first article of a four part series in the Fairbanks newspaper about climbing Denali. Lots of details on the application process and what goes on behind the scenes in setting up with the climbing rangers.

A climber sits on a ledge near Mount McKinley’s high camp on May 26, 2010. / Photo courtesy Tomek KowalskiIn April, helicopters from Fort Wainwright come to McKinley to drop off supplies and help the rangers establish their camps. Big CH-47 Chinook helicopters deliver gear and fuel to base camp, 7,200 feet up on Kahiltna Glacier, and to the 14,000-foot medical camp high on the mountain itself.”

“The form for solo climbers goes into even more detail, asking the applicant to describe his equipment and his reasons for wanting to climb alone. But even if there are gaps on the climber’s resume, there’s not much the Park Service can do. ‘We’re not allowed to deny anybody based on experience level,’ Leonard said, “so our only tool to try to limit potential problems is through education. …”

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