Friday, June 14, 2013

"It's Sterile And Spiritless To Wait Until Success Is Assured"

This guys had some fun climbing the Nose in a little more than a day. They called it "slowest in-a-day ascent of 2013." They did some training but were admittedly not well trained for a NIAD climb. So why do it if you're not totally prepared? I love their answer:

"Our attempt was premature and overambitious, but it was that which made it romantic and enthralling. It's sterile and spiritless to wait to do something until success is assured; why not do it when success is unsure? When the unsureness will throw your brain into insomnia-inducing loops of unease and apprehension; when it will strain your friendships and romances; when it will push you into the furthest corners of your character and strength?"

Great photo before.

And 29 hours lof climbing later, at the summit. 

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