Friday, June 21, 2013

Adventure Climbing On Rattlesnake Bluff

Today, we did our first climbs on Rattlesnake Bluff. About 110' of unclimbed rock. (Mostly unclimbed; we found two very old pitons.) A couple of weeks ago, Ron and Peter did some trundling there, so today we decided to climb. More photos here.

The bluff from the road.

The top of the bluff.

Checking out a crack

The first route we climbed.

Looking up from the bottom.


Bill Befort said...

Those pitons were placed about 1963 by Ron Ottoson and Bill Befort of Red Wing, on their way up your first route.

richard said...

Do you mind that these routes are being bolted now by some people?

Bill Befort said...

If it's me you're asking, I'd prefer to see it unbolted -- but I'm old & out of touch with present-day methods. The rock near the top is pretty untrustworthy for placing any kind of protection, as you no doubt observed.