Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Mt. Asgard

Climbing under these conditions is quite an accomplishment:

"In bright sunshine, we climbed through the very rotten base toward the centre of the face. Because of heavy rockfall—triggered by the high temperatures on the face—and a lack of alternative routes, we had to bivouac, well protected under a roof. The next day, we reached the summit of Mount Asgard after 1000 metres of climbing alpine style. A sudden storm and high winds made the last two pitches hard and prevented us from seeing anything from the summit."

And it's not easy even getting to the base of the climb:
"After a three-day, 60-km hike—sometimes struggling through hip-deep water—the Mount Asgard basecamp could be pitched on the Turner Glacier."

Looks like she's comfortable, huh?

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