Thursday, May 31, 2012

“Stop Pretending To Save The World And Just Go”

Will Gadd writes about fund raising by adventure trips. I liked this quote

“The next time some would-be adventurer tells me he’s doing an expedition to raise money for a cause,I’m finally going to say what I’ve been choking back for years: ‘You’re not going on your trip for charity, you’re going because you want to. Stop pretending to save the world and just go.”

I like his rule of thumb for measuring the B.S. scale of an expedition:

Right off the bat this hits Level 3 on the B.S. scale, which measures an expedition by the number of words used to qualify the potential achievement.”

He encourages us to just go on adventures and not feel guilty about them:

“..what we need is less guilt and more pure, for-the-hell-of-it adventure. It’s worth it on its own terms. No feather boa required.”

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