Monday, May 7, 2012

Black Hills Climbing, Devils Tower, Ten Sleep

Who wants to climb in the Black Hills in early to mid June? I know a few people are going Memorial Day weekend but I’ve found that to be a little cold. But June 8-12 or 14-18 would be good. A couple of people IMG_0545have expressed interest in going to Devils Tower and June is a good time for that too. Or -  Pete will like this - Ten Sleep. (Heck, maybe we should just take the summer off and climb out west.)

Anyway, let me know via email, phone, text, Facebook, telegraph, smoke signals, sign language, Twitter, or in person if you want to go and what dates you’d prefer. Because it’s a 9 hour drive, only 4 days out there is just fine. Because it’s a 9 hour drive, fewer than 4 days is really not that fun.

My favorite climb out there is this one. We can put you up there, but you will have to dance on the summit.

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