Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Visit To VE Minneapolis

I got a tour today of the new VE in Minneapolis. It’s gonna be very popular:

    • Top-out bouldering walls with the finish 15’ above on a mezzanine
    • 58’ foot lead walls
    • 48’ crack climbs
    • Lots of bars and restaurants nearby. (Including a restaurant/bar in the same building.)

Here’s a photo from one of the mezzanines -  a bouldering area is underneath this mezzanine - IMG_1319showing a 48’ climbing wall in the background. (I think these numbers are right. They are at least close. Don’t quote me on the exact heights.)


This is a 48’ crack – one of two. (You can see a black line on the wall in the back left-hand side of the photo. The lightning was tough.)



The gray wall behind the lift, is part of the tallest – 58’ – wall. It’s possible they will have lead climbs that will originate in the space at the bottom right – a bouldering cave –and then continue around and up this tallest wall to the top. You can’t quite see the ceiling in this photo. The top of the wall overhangs 10 feet from the bottom.

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