Saturday, September 3, 2011

Climb Like a Child (and other Climbing Lessons for Beginners)

I really like this article. Even if it is written by girls being girly. This is the last paragraph,

When being out with a beginner, it’s easy to try to tell them too much, or give them too much instruction. Perhaps the best piece of advice is to shut the mind off, and completely let go. Strive to reach that instinctual sense of movement. When you do, the things that seem unobvious—like manteling or shifting the weight in the opposite direction—are actually the most obvious moves to do of all.

You should read the rest of it too. Because she is the best climber in the world... really


Anonymous said...

Written by a guy

Lisa said...

huh, well that is interesting. I thought it was an odd thing for a gal to say that she is the best climber in the world. Made me laugh, but if it's a guy...huh. I'll get back to you.

richard said...

My only clue it was written by a guy, was the fact he didn't talk about matching climbing shoe color to his harness color. No accessorizing hints = guy.