Friday, March 14, 2014

Climb Indoors

Here's what happens when too many people want to climb outdoors:

" Nepalese climbing specialists will fix a second rope at the Hillary Step, a dangerous "death zone" bottleneck near the Mount Everest summit, to ease congestion on the world's highest mountain, a hiking group said on Thursday....

Exhausted climbers have been forced to wait there for several hours, awaiting their turn to climb up or come down a single rope, exposed to risks of thin air in what is known as the 'death zone'."
It appears that most climbers are avoiding the "death zone" by climbing indoors.

The outdoor-climbing market is not growing leaps and bounds,”Greg Thomsen, managing director for Adidas Outdoors toldOutside. “But gym climbing has a very strong growth rate. Something like 1,000 people a day are starting to sport climb, according to our research.”

At least when you're indoors waiting for a climb, you can get a quick snack. 

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