Sunday, February 23, 2014

Getting Aid At VEM

This morning, Marianna, Peter O. and I had a few hours of aid climbing. Peter did a traversing bolted aid route and a traversing aid route on gear. I got to clean them - which is typically women's work - but, I did it anyway because  was the only one who had an apron.

Marianna had her first aid climb and loved it.

Marianna high stepping - which is pretty awkward.

Here's Marianna inside my haul bag. Our next project it to haul her up the wall while she's inside the haul bag.

Here's Peter putting gear in the crack, testing it, and then aiding on it.

The summit.


Marianna W said...

RICHARD!!! Very nice post; I'll be sure to bring the dust mop and Mr Clean next time for you to clean all the better with!

Lisa said...

So Much fun!!!