Sunday, January 19, 2014

Another High Tech Clothing Day - With Big Hair To Boot

First time I climbed Devils Tower - July 1977 - I did it with 2 friends and my younger brother. We had big hair and lots of cotton; I'll bet our high tech clothing cost us about $12.50 each.
Ha, I say to you high tech clothing peeps; get real, get cotton. If it was good enough for the ancient Egyptians, it's good enough for you.
The fellow on the far left - Jeff - had climbed in Yosemite many times, including several ascents of El Cap. The next year, he and his climbing partners were killed on El Cap. They became (somewhat) famous because the technique they use to attach to anchors - which was the standard technique at that time - caused them to fall when one of the bolted anchors let loose. After that accident, the recommended way to clip into anchors, was changed.

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Lisa said...

So Sorry about your friend that is sad. I do like the photo tho! You look the same, well a familiar pose anyway!