Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Thrill Seekers Less Adventurous Than In The Past?

Is it true that men are less adventurous now than they were in their father's generation?

"According to Nick Collins, Science Correspondent for The Telegraph, research conducted in 1978 reported men were 48 percent more likely than women to express interest in “thrill and adventure seeking” activities.....
These days, males are only 28 percent more likely than females to participate in challenging, adrenaline-fueled activities like mountain climbing or skydiving. Dr. Cross’s team believes the change indicates a decline in men’s appetite for these extreme activities, and not an increase in women’s desire to participate in them."
Who needs outdoor activities when you can get a rush playing a game on Wii? Of course, if more women were interested in them, I think more men would show up. 

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