Monday, July 23, 2012

How To Get Better Faster

Advice on how to find the magic bullet and be a better climber, faster. I like this quote:

“So how do you get better faster?  There's a simple answer.  You don't.  That is, not unless you make some drastic changes and stop doing what you're doing…

Just this week I was asked ‘How do I climb harder problems?’.  My answer (I'm not the most understanding to dumb questions when I'm training) was ‘Stop trying to climb hard problems.’ After the mix of embarrasment, hurt, and ‘wow, this guy is an ass’ faded from his face, I offered one more bit of advice.  ‘Spend your time in here learning HOW to climb.  Climb the easier problems perfectly.  All of them.  After that, the next level will come easy.’”

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