Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Lurking Fear

A young woman travels from Ireland to solo climb “Lurking Fear” on El Cap. She’s not experienced at big wall climbing and tells quite a tale of her climb. I liked these quotes:

“I split my loads and carried one to the top, however my brain then shut off completely and I was too scared to scramble back down for the second one. Instead I sat at the very tippy Happy ledge with no raintop of El Cap, chain smoking and thinking about life, …

The next morning was an ibuprofen breakfast kind of morning. My toes had been somehow both numb and hurting so I decided to brave the smell and investigate. Eeek, my toenails and the skin on my big toes had gone kind of black and numb on the surface. Lovely. Found out later it was mild trench-foot from the cold wet night.”

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